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For adults interested in Autority Based

 and Power Transfer Relationships


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About Us


What is MAsT?

The purpose of MAsT is to support, directly and indirectly, those of all genders, gender identity, and sexual orientations living in or interested in engaging in personal relationships that are based upon the conscious exchange of power and authority.

MAsT Colorado Springs is therefore dedicated to equipping individuals with tools, resources, support, and education that will assist you in developing relationships that are healthy, functional, and real. We fulfill our purpose by providing, fellowship, educational and social opportunities to learn and share with others of like mind.

MAsT was founded in 1988 and has since grown to more than 128 Chapters in 5 countries.  The Colorado Springs Chapter was  formed in September of 2013,


About Our Chapter Meetings

First and foremost, our meetings are a "safe space" where everyone agrees to keep discussions and information confidential so everyone can share and discuss their journey openly.

Some meetings are discussion meetings with a specific topic where everyone is together for part of the meeting, then the group splits into subgroups to further discuss the topic with others from the same side of the slash.

Other meetings are educational meetings with a class being presented on an appropriate topic.  Watch for class announcements.



Q: Do I have to identify as "Master" or "slave" to attend MAsT?

A: NO! Anyone who is interested in power transfer or authority based relationships are welcome, regardless of how you identify your relationship.

Q: Do I have to join?

A: No, you can attend meetings without "joining" the Chapter.  However, we ask for a $2 donation to help support the Chapter.  The only restriction is that you cannot vote on Chapter business such as schedules, topics and Chapter expenditures.

Q: How much does it cost to join?

A: MAsT Colorado Springs membership is $24 per year, per member.  It may be paid annually, or prorated at $2 per month.

Q: How is the dues money used?

A: The voting members may vote to support events or activities that align with the members values, per the Chapter Bylaws.  Each Chapter also pays a small annual dues to MAsT International.  All expenditures are voted on by the voting members, per the Bylaws.

Contact Us

MAsT-Colorado Springs

2422 Bush Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80904

(720) 979-4093

Meeting Date and Time

First Wednesday of each month,

Door opens at 6:30 PM

 Meeting from 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM

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